Guangzhou AIQI Exhibition Co., Ltd. (AIQI STOCK in abbreviation) is a joint-stock enterprise which will be listed soon in China's exhibition industry. It is also a diversified international exhibition company. In 2016, Yuan Baocheng, Vice Governor Of Guangdong Provincial People's Government, personally issued the certificate, The Guangdong Provincial Model Enterprise of Integrity, for AIQI STOCK. In 2017, he witnessed again that AIQI STOCK won the honor of the Title of Outstanding Enterprises In Guangdong Province. Since Guangzhou AIQI STOCK was established, it has been provided the most professional management services for all types of exhibitions, included both international exhibitions and domestic exhibitions. Its businesses has been spread across Southeast Asia. Guangzhou AIQI STOCK has always been devoted to offering sincere and real exhibition experiences for exhibitors. Currently, the market value of Guangzhou AIQI STOCK has been up to 600 million Yuan.

AIQI STOCK is mainly about holding brand exhibition, displaying leading technology and promoting advanced application technology. Besides, it focuses on providing original and complete services with high quality for the majority of exhibitors to guarantee their best exhibitions. Its degree of internationalization of professional meetings is second to none in China. In addition, AIQI STOCK engages in all kinds of international and domestic meetings planning and construction of exhibition design, sharing several national resources and establishing a closed partnership with them.

Through exploring and developing in the international market, AIQI STOCK successfully held world-class exhibitions and established a good relationship with the global professional organizations and institutions, laying the foundation for the international exhibitions held in the world.

AIQI STOCK is one of the leading exhibition companies in China. Its core business is to hold leading international exhibitions in selected countries. The main features of the exhibition are the great appeal of the international audience and exhibitors. AIQI STOCK, with a wealth of experiences and innovative exhibition concepts, held a number of professional exhibitions each year and attracted the audience and exhibitors from a number of countries.

Since its foundation, with professional skills, rich experiences and sensitive feelings to the market, AIQI STOCK introduced ideas of exhibition markets firstly and involved in the most competitive exhibition company ranks with the most distinctive ideas and the most professional dedication.

AIQI STOCK provided professional services for well-known top 500 companies from various domestic and foreign industries, such as Sinopec, DaimlerChrysler, General Motors, Baosteel, Haier, Schneider Electric, Wal-Mart, Nec, Siemens, Philips, Electrolux, GE Professional services, and won the praises of the industries and customers.

AIQI STOCK, with international project staffs, planners, designers, skilled workers, mainly relies on rigorous professional exhibition management system. AIQI STOCK not only provide customers with full professional special services, but also ensure that customers can get the most reliable quality assurance with the most reasonable price,.

After years of development, AIQI STOCK has now developed as a well-known brand in China's exhibition industry. Currently, the company's businesses have covered the Pearl River Delta, the Yangtze River Delta, the Bohai Sea three major cities in the economic circle and the central and western regions, a total of more than 50 large and medium city. The company now has a sound management structure, an international and professional management team. The company has been to follow the the corporate missions and governance principles of shareholders, customers, employees, society and partners. On the basis of consistent strategies, unified brands and cultural foundations, AIQI STOCK ensures that the whole group advances towards the common goal. Through the establishment of a complete functional system, a clear development strategy, leading comprehensive risk management system, as well as real, accurate, complete, timely, fair and equitable information disclosure system and concept of service of positive, enthusiastic and efficient investors’ relations, AIQI STOCK is developing stably and continuously.

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